Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

 Our Pay Per Click management improves Return On Investment through cohesive ad-website-user connections.

Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

We provide comprehensive pay-per-click services in Lagos to businesses seeking to improve their ROI and ad spend returns, while prioritizing user experience and conversion-focused optimization strategies.


Google Ads Management

Our services encompass complete management of Google Ads (previously Adwords) which include campaign setup, optimization, and other related tasks.

Display Network Advertising

By utilizing targeted placements, we can display video and media content to potential customers, thereby enabling you to reach thousands of potential customers.

Paid Competitor Research

To determine what strategies are effective and what are not, it's essential to understand your competitors' paid ads, their keywords, placements, and budget.


By using remarketing tactics, you can advertise to a receptive audience that has previously visited your website, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting them. This can be achieved through the Google Display Network.

Bing Ads Management

By taking advantage of the Bing Ads Network, you can benefit from cost-effective advertising and effective demographic targeting options.

Facebook Ads

By leveraging the Facebook and Instagram network for paid advertising, you can generate targeted traffic and boost conversions. Facebook paid ads, in particular, offer exceptional opportunities for achieving these goals.

User Experience Optimisation

To reduce your cost per conversion, it's crucial to not only generate more business from your PPC traffic but also to effectively convert and retain those visitors.

Google Shopping

We can assist you with listing your products on the Google Shopping Platform by managing tasks such as setting up and maintaining your listings, imports, conversions, and other related activities.

Pay Per Click Audits

Our comprehensive PPC campaign audit provides businesses with actionable recommendations, especially those that run their PPC campaigns in-house.

Youtube Paid Ads

By advertising on the Youtube network through video ads, you can effectively increase your brand, product, and service awareness, while also reaching a larger audience.

We help.

Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

How Our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos Can Help Your Business

Our bespoke PPC campaign setup and optimization services help drive digital conversions, increasing product sales, service inquiries, and new business. Unlike traditional advertising, our flexible PPC strategies enable you to allocate spend to areas generating positive ROI, backed by hybrid SEO and Paid search agency expertise. Our extensive service spectrum covers Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google Display, Remarketing, Bing Ads and more, providing a segmented strategy across all paid channels.

We’ll also recommend suitable paid markets, whether for a powerful emotive display campaign or a rule-driven, A/B tested PPC campaign with dynamic landing pages. Our objective is simple: Deliver effective PPC advertising across popular networks like Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, and more.

Why use Us.

Top reasons why Seolagos delivers the best Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

  • Each of our PPC experts has a minimum of 5 years of experience, adding up to over 40 years of combined experience in managing PPC campaigns across a range of industries.

  • Our primary focus is on delivering a high return on investment for our clients, and as your digital PPC agency partner, we strive to create effective SEO/PPC hybrid digital marketing strategies that deliver tangible results.

  • Our reputation speaks for itself. Don’t just take our word for it; search for us on Google and check out our impressive Google My Business profile.

Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

In what ways can our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos assist your business in reaching untapped audiences?

Our Pay per click services in Lagos include research, implementation, testing, conversion analysis, management, and audience building. It offers the opportunity to generate on-demand traffic and use it to find look-alike audiences and diverse search terms for better traffic and conversion. We prioritize budget but may increase it if it leads to increased sales and enquiries.

Pay Per Click covers multiple platforms, including paid search (e.g., Google Ads and BING), shopping platforms like Google Shopping, display networks, remarketing, YouTube, and social ads. Properly constructed PPC campaigns can drive more relevant visitors to your website, ready to transact, reducing the time to get tangible results.

With over 100 million daily searches on Google Search, PPC can help your website receive better quality traffic that’s more likely to convert, leading to a positive return on investment.

Benefits of PPC.

Pay Per Click Services in Lagos

What will you benefit from our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos?

PPC advertising offers various benefits, such as immediate lead/sale generation and increased brand exposure. However, some businesses find it costly due to poor campaign management. To succeed in PPC, businesses should use A/B and campaign split testing.

With our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos, you can earn revenue faster through on-demand ads. If executed correctly, PPC can cost-effectively reach the target audience using bid strategies, well-written ads, and excellent landing pages. Compared to SEO, our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos enables quick audience targeting and campaign flexibility. It’s also an efficient way to boost brand and product awareness. By implementing the right approach and execution, ads can quickly generate desired outcomes.


In what ways will our Pay Per Click Services in Lagos drive growth for your business?

We are the trusted PPC experts in Lagos for campaign audits, optimization, and management, and for several reasons:

  • We provide comprehensive multi-channel PPC advertising services.
  • We develop effective display advertising strategies that drive results.
  • We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Google Analytics setup, configuration, and data sharing.
  • We make Google Advertising a profitable channel with proven ROI.
  • We cover all types of keyword and image-rich display, with a focus on mobile-first adaptation.
  • We can enhance the effectiveness and feasibility of your SEO campaign by leveraging paid keyword and conversion data.
  • Moreover, we provide comprehensive paid social media online marketing services.
  • Our expertise also extends to full-fledged Google Ads eCommerce marketing, including the utilization of Google Shopping, Extended Ads, and other relevant features.
  • Our focus is solely on driving revenue for your business, and we align our objectives with yours. Simply tell us what your business requires, and we will deliver.
  • We offer programmatic display campaigns for businesses using the premium display platform of the Google Marketing Platform.
  • Additionally, we conduct full reviews of pay-per-click campaigns to assess their overall performance.


The cost of pay-per-click management is based on several factors, including the intricacy of the campaign, the objectives of the campaign, and the target audience. Our agency typically charges a minimum of #90,000 per month for PPC management. We also provide adaptable PPC retainers that offer businesses a more budget-friendly option for PPC agency services, from developing campaign strategies to implementation.

Following an initial PPC account audit, we will assess what steps are necessary to achieve your target KPIs (key performance indicators), such as increasing product sales or service inquiries. Once we have conducted the audit and provided a proposal, our team will develop a PPC management plan that outlines both daily and monthly activities required to meet your goals.


It’s difficult to list everything included in our PPC management activities on this page. However, our Pay Per Click  Services in Lagos cover a wide range of tasks such as split testing Google Ads bid strategies, implementing Google Ads scripts, using semi-automation tools, creating new responsive search ads, designing dynamic landing pages, running A/B tests on landing pages, conducting Google Optimize experiments and many more. We’re confident in our ability to provide professional PPC management.

Specifically, we will build high-level single keyword ad groups (SKAGS), develop highly targeted ads with corresponding landing pages, run A/B tests and personalize ads, utilize all ad extensions, build out negative keyword lists, and perform many other tasks to ensure the success of your campaign.

In summary, our goal is to create a PPC campaign that is effective in generating results. We utilize real-time user experience and search intent data, as well as real-time user data from Analytics and Google Ads to achieve this. Our approach to PPC management is informed by extensive studies, data analysis, and testing to ensure that the landing page we create satisfies the needs and preferences of your potential customers.

We don’t settle for mediocre paid marketing campaigns. Our focus is on campaigns that deliver a substantial return on investment. We analyze every bit of data, including click-through rates, conversion rates, landing page quality scores, and Google responsive ad performance to improve the campaign’s effectiveness.

Certainly! We always recommend that businesses have an active SEO strategy in addition to PPC. Although SEO can take a significant amount of time to produce results and a return on investment, the payoff is usually substantial. This is why it’s worth continuing to invest in SEO, even if the ROI takes longer to materialize.

With some of our clients, we typically use both an SEO and PPC strategy. We identify converting keywords and prioritize them in the SEO strategy to help mitigate or offset PPC expenses whenever possible. By doing this, we can concentrate on what generates a positive ROI and develop a strategy based on valuable data.

We have the ability to create global or international PPC campaigns that can effectively reach any target market in any country. Our expertise ranges from geotargeted campaigns to optimizing landing pages for cross-market advertising, making it possible for businesses looking to run ads in multiple countries to benefit from our services.

To ensure that your advertising efforts are effective, we will conduct thorough keyword and market research to gain insights into who is searching for your product or service, what search terms they are using, and how they are likely to make transactions.