Internal Linking Service in Lagos

Frequently disregarded despite its importance.

Internal Linking Service

Importance of Internal Linking

Internal linking is a crucial aspect of an SEO strategy that is often disregarded despite its significance. It is sometimes neglected because it can be a time-consuming task. However, as SEO professionals, we recognize its importance because internal links distribute the link equity gained from backlinks throughout your website.

This link equity conveys subject relevance and credibility across your site and is among the factors that search engines employ to establish a page’s ranking in the SERPs. With our internal linking service in lagos, you have the power to produce a similar impact to that of a backlink, and its benefits are indispensable for achieving success.

Take in the Orphans!

Pages that lack internal links directing to them are commonly known as orphans. In terms of SEO, having orphaned pages is unfavorable because these pages receive no link equity and are perceived differently by Google (if a page is not linked to, it is assumed to be unimportant).

Establish Topical Authority

Effective internal linking involves connecting relevant articles with each other, which enables the creation of topic clusters that aid Google in comprehending your content. As a result, you are acknowledged as an authority on a specific topic, allowing you to obtain topical authority. With topical authority, you can enhance your rankings by having more pages that capture additional keywords, generate more links, and attract more traffic.

Retain Visitors on Your Website

It's important to strive for retaining readers on our website due to several reasons. Firstly, the more a user remains on our site and explores it using internal links, the more credit Google assigns us for dwell time and the number of pages viewed per visit, which increases the likelihood of achieving a higher ranking in the future.

Assist Google in Indexing Your Website

Google indexes websites by tracking internal links. With proper internal linking, Google can explore and identify pages on your website more efficiently, rather than leaving prematurely. This can result in an increase in the number of pages from your website that are indexed by Google, which is beneficial for your website's visibility and SEO.

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Topical Relevance.

Using our Internal Linking Service in Lagos to Establish Topical Relevance

Linking comparable articles results in the creation of topic clusters, which strengthen the topical relevance of your website. Search engines use a variety of indicators to determine whether your website and pages are relevant to a specific query. One approach to demonstrating relevance is by connecting related pages, which provides search engines with signals such as the relevance of pages and anchor text.

When an exact match article for linking is unavailable, we strive to identify an article that is topically the closest match.

Internal Linking Service
Internal Linking Service

Choosing the perfect Anchor Text

Our goal is to include 3-5 internal links to each page of your website. Typically, 2-3 of these anchors will precisely match the keyword we are targeting, while the remaining links will use a secondary keyword match or a topically relevant anchor.

Compared to external link building, it is acceptable to be more certain with exact match anchors for internal linking.

However, if you have a different internal linking strategy in mind, please inform us, and we will be pleased to adhere to your instructions.

Link Juice

Maintaining the flow of the link juice

Link equity, or link juice, refers to the credibility that is transferred to a page when it obtains a link from another website.

To prevent link equity from being confined to a single page, internal linking can be used to transfer it across your entire website. This is why we strive to avoid orphaned pages – pages on your website that lack internal links. Without internal links directing to them, these orphaned pages are unable to reap the rewards of any link equity accumulated on your website.

Internal Linking Service

Updated Content.

Internal Linking Service

Existing or New Content

At Seolagos, we offer an optional internal linking service for an additional fee with any content creation service. With this service, we ensure that any article we create for you is not an orphaned page.

If you require an internal linking strategy for your entire website, we can implement this for a fee per article. Please note that a minimum of 50 articles is required to make use of this service. This is because it can be challenging to find relevant articles to link together with fewer than 50 articles.

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